Positivity, eat your heart out, Lydia Lunch is comming to town.

There is really nothing I find more stupid or ridicoulous than "lifewisdom" posted on facebook/twitter/wherever with a rising sun and some line reaking of cultural appropriation from some eastern religion.
This constant naging about positivity as our saviour, and negativity as the devil. It just makes me.. Well frankly; it makes me want to barf.

I love negativity. Totally and utterly adore it. The world sucks. Sucks like a totally dry spunge put in a really disgusting puddle full of dogpoop that some lazy dogowner left, to make everyone just a little bit more uncomfortable in their dailylives. Biggots and  rich white men owns our asses, and the world is warming up faster than you can say "hey, where did the Netherlands go?". People get sent back to places where a really shitty time doesn't even start to cover whats waiting them.Oh, and this just in; conservatives , racists and liberals won the election. By a landslide. Any government can  find out anything they want about you, and let me tell you; where you buy your morningcoffe is not the scary part. All the ugly -isms and -phobias blooms, and norwegian language still hasn't got a real word equivalent to "gender" (or the swedish"genus" ). 

I guess I could go to my happy place, light some incence, and accept all this shitt as something passing. But it would be very very stupid. It's not passing. It's very frakking real. Accepting might make you a person at peace with yourself, but anger gives you the energy to fight back. And I need that energy. I need the energy to give my disease the finger in the mornings and get out of bed. Do not ever expect of me to say that I'm gratefull for the disease because it's made me a more interesting and creative person. would give it up anyday. I need that energy to do activism, to actually try to change something, because this world doesn't only suck for me. It sucks for the most of us.
It's a sick sick thing that overpriviliged people feel like they can walk around telling everyone  to think happy thought, or feel superior because they do.  

In exactly one week a very angry person comes to Oslo. Lydia Lunch is angry and smart and my neverending musiciancrush. I'm trying to find more words, but all that pop's up is; she's awesome. So get your as down to MIR  next wedensday(18th) around eight pm. It's not an order, eventhough it should be.
See you there!


PS: This is the fbevent
PPS: For those of you who doesn't know where MIR is; take the tram /walk /bicyle /wathever floats your boat to Schous plass. Turn your ass to Delli de Luca and walk over the street and staright ahead, when walking straigh means bumping your head into the wall, turn left. You should see a sign which says "MIR", and tadda! You are there. Almost. Through the archway and to the right. Then you are exactly there.


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