An open letter from Berlin, please read and sign!

I wanted to ask you for some international love and solidarity.

Here at Humboldt University Berlin did queer people recently start to organize (and are now officially part of the student government as so called "Referat"), but face a lot of resistance by the university leaders, who deny them rooms for events, give them restrictions for what they can do, etc. This applies to organized workshops, but even social mixers face resistance, and is partially based in homo- and transphobia.

The queer interest group now wrote an open letter (unfortunately only in German) and asks for support. I translate the appeal for the open letter (the open letter itself is much longer):

"Only since July exists the "Referat" for LGBTI people - the first time ever at Humboldt University. Already, after having had our first events, acts a part of the university government against us. Their argumentation is based from our perspective in a homo- and transphobic attitude.
Due to this we ask all supporters to sign our open letter. It has been presented today for the first time in the university senate and will be send sometime next week as letter. Please contact us at for your support and forward this open letter to friends, comrades, faculty and sisters. The most recent version of the open letter can be found here:"

Knowing that the fight for LGBTIQAGNC justice is transnational, I hoped that you'd maybe be willing to sign the open letter/declare solidarity and show some international solidarity for your queer siblings in Berlin. Of course forwarding it to other queers and queer collectives is encouraged.

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