Oslo Queer at Pride House!

The weekend 23 and 24 june, is Pride House happening in Oslo for the second year in a row. A weekend of seminars, workshops, debates and discussions at Litteraturhuset in Oslo. Oslo Queer will be there as well with different topics and debates, join us there:

Saturday 23... june:
Gender Bender workshop, 17.30, with action afterwards

Sunday 24 june:
Sex, Quuer and Class politics, 14.00
Anti-racism in LGBT movement, 16.30
Powerstructures in sexwork industrie, 16.30

There will be loads of other ineteresting topis there as well the whole weekend:
Forced Sterilization of transgenderd (saturday 15.00)
Pink washing and the Arabic revolution (saturday 17.30)
Polyamory (sunday 12.00)
Violence in same sex relationships (sunday 12.00)
Gender Queer parenting (sunday 18.30)

Most will be in Norwegian, but might have some translation availible. See you there!!

Event on facebook here :)

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