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So, it seems like this autumn is going to be an all time high for every -ism, -phobia and -ty I don't care for in norwegian politics. A homophobic person gets to decide familyppolitics, a liberalst gets to run the economy, abortion is suddenly up for grabs, I mean I knew it would be bad but abortion? Really? What's next? Why don't we do a Governor Ultrasound-stunt while we're at it?

And as if the right didn't send us enough crap, the left side does an unbelivably heteronormativ meme-stunt in the campaigns, which makes me feel like... We'll lets do thos meme-style:

Now,  of course I can't go around looking like this. First of all,I don't like cat's.*Shocked gasps and outcry from the audience*, I know. But it's true. Second, I need to focus about other less scary things if getting up in the morning is going to be a viable option for the next four years.

So I do what I always do. I see this political bulls*** as the largest practical joke ever. It has to be. Somewhere someone is sitting an laughing their asses of, I'm sure of it. I mean; the head of the department of  agricultures background is in social services? in OSLO? Hahaha. I've been laughing about that for days. I guess we'll just have to thank our lucky star that our head of the department for enviromental issues didn't turn out to be a climatesceptic. Or that teachers (at this point at least) aren't forced to teach creationism.

The joke is on you politics. You are hilarious.



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