Gender fluidity in fashion

What the? Fashion, really? This is totally unaceptable on a queer blog! What about the twisted bodyideal the fashionindustry provides? What about the ridicoulously high heels which ruins your back? And what about exactly everything about this industry ? Are we endorising that shit now?

I know. This is a bit off our usual topics. And this is not a post about the wonderfull world of fashion.

Let's be honest; it's not. Fucked up industry. Fucked up shit. Basically; don't do this at home, kids.

But I like fashion. As in the estetics.This winter/fall collections has shitloads of beautifull clothes that I'll never afford, but still. I like pretty things.
And right now, fashion actually has brought some kind of queer into this world. Not into our little queer bubble world, but outthere, where people really needs to see it.

So I'm gonna do a fashionblogg anyways. With pictures and everything And please; bear with me. Just this once. It won't be about the cashmere sweater I really really really want. I promise. Eh, atleast from now on.

A couple of days ago a friend of mine posted a  video  on facebook. The video is an interview with a model, Elliot Sailors, with a background in female modeling who recently "switched" to malemodeling. For many different reasons. One of them beeing that there are more jobs for older male models. Another however, is their identity.

"[..] it's totally true that I never identified as a male, but I've always described my self as a guy. [...] So, who it is that I am, is not limited to just, you know, beeing perceived as a female. Who it is that I am is inclusive of what it is that is percieved as a male. It's a part of how I see myself  [..].

After seeing this clip I just had to search www for more (mildly obsessive gender/fashion dork at your service). So worth it. Sailors talks about gender in a refreshingly reflected way.

"Gender and sexuality are two different things. There’s two different conversations: it's about staying true to who you think you are and staying authentic to who you are and it’s not limited to how you were born or who you were yesterday. Who you are can be expansive; it can include many things."
from an inteview with

picture: French Vouge 2010

 And there are others out there. The one most known is Lea T, the first open transexual model in the industry.

There's a point to be made; it's in no way easier to identify outside the gendebinary in the fashionindustry than other industries, or society in general. The lonliness Lea T describes in an  interview The Guradian is heartbreaking.

"[...] it is a variation on solitude," she said. "We transsexuals are born and grow up alone. After the operation we are born again, but once again alone. And we die alone. It is the price we pay."

Still, in 2010 Lea T choose tom appear in French Vouge. Completly naked. "I agreed to pose in the name of all my transsexual friends,", she was quoted saying. I'm in awe of this woman and her courage.
 Enough said. The picture speaks for itself.

Last one! Really. There are others, but I realize that this bloggpost has to end at some point.
In their interviews Elliot Sailors talks about Andrej Pejic, as one of their inspirations for their "transformation".

"Andrej has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Steven Meisel, Marc Jacobs,  Juergen Teller, Mert And Marcus, Paolo Roversi, Carine Roitfeld, John Galliano, Raf Simons  and has had the rare honor of becoming Jean Paul Gaultier’s muse.  Pejic was the first known transgender model to walk in a couture show.  The list of editorials for magazines like Vogue, Numero, Elle, W, ID, L’Officiel  and more is long. Pejic has even been given the title of having the most magazine covers of any male model to date."
from Andrej Pejics offical website

 That's it folks. Hope you enjoyed my fashiongalore!


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